[Training Management involves the preparation of trainers, marketing and advance awareness of upcoming opportunities for training to the proposed audience, obtaining facilities and materials for the sessions, scheduling and registration, as well as holding training sessions and evaluating them afterwards for effectiveness. In 2002, six (6) CPT codes were added to the CPT coding system for Health and Behavior Assessment and Intervention services. HBAI services are provided to address the behavioral, social, and psychosocial barriers to the self-management of one or more chronic diseases. A Systematic Observation Study of the Teaching Behaviors of an Expert Basketball Coach Gordon A. Bloom, Rebecca Crumpton, and Jenise E. Anderson California State University, Fresno A systematic observation analysis was performed on Fresno State men's bas- ketball coach Jerry Tarkanian over the course of an entire season. Based on

Guidelines for Medical Record and Clinical Documentation WHO-SEARO coding workshop September 2007 2 Key Point Summary • Documentation includes all forms of documentation by a doctor, nurse or allied health professional (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician etc) recorded in a professional capacity in relation to